Natural Stones in Langley

Imitation is never as good as the real thing. When it comes to natural stone, it's certainly true.  R.E. MacDonald has been selling natural stone for years. Allow one of our knowledgeable staff to help you select the right colour and appropriate stone material for your project. Applied as fireplace facings, house front veneers, retaining walls, planters, patio walkways and pool decks, natural stone can be more durable and cost effective than man-made products.  We have quality stone masons to recommend for a professional job.


This material is natural stone that has been saw cut to different sizes.  This product enables you to create amazing looks for fireplaces and walls, as well as exterior applications for kitchens and gardens. The stone comes in various colours and thickness and is sold by the piece. 
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Dimensional Natural Stone


Flagstones are hard, natural stones which are broken down into flat slabs for walkway use. Flagstones tend to be comprised of sandstone, slate, and quartzite. Flagstone prices fluctuate due to their weight, thickness and cost associated with transporting them. Contact a member of our team today to inquire about inventory and pricing on our natural stones.
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Flagstone Natural Stone


Landscaping stones come in a variety of sizes and colors to incorporate into every type of outdoor décor.  Their shapes and sizes lend a hand in creating unique design elements for your outdoor projects.  Whether as a gravel path, large retaining wall, pond/water feature or single stone element, landscaping stones can be used in many ways.
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Landscaping Stone


Our ledgestones are unique pieces of stone that have been cemented together to form beautiful panels for ease of installation.  The different colours will give you a beautiful finish to your fireplace or walls. 
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Ledgestone and Corner Sets


River Rock is a natural stone, some of which has been washed by rivers to give you unique shapes and colours.  River Rock comes in various shapes and sizes and it is the weight which determines your cost.  The stone can be used with interior and exterior decors to give you a natural and unique look to your home. 
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River Rock Natural Stone


The natural look of our wall stone can enhance the beauty of your outdoor kitchens and garden décor.  The stone itself comes in many sizes and colours and is sold by the pound.    
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Natural Wall Stone
Stone Styles Natural Stones

We carry many of the common natural stone types found in exterior patio and home finishings, including:

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We provide a complete service for all of our customers, helping them from start to finish.

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