Free-Standing Stoves in Langley

A timeless classic, our collection of free-standing stoves can be the added touch you need to complete a room.  From traditional or contemporary varieties, R.E. MacDonald Stoves & Stones has plenty of styles & sizes available and can ensure something for everyone.


Free standing natural gas fireplaces look similar to a traditional wood stove. Venting for a freestanding unit is flexible - you can choose to vent it through an existing chimney or through a roof or a wall.  With such flexibility of venting freestanding units can be installed almost anywhere in your home.
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Free Standing Gas Stoves


Nothing beats the aroma and authenticity of a timeless wood-burning stove.  Those who prefer this classic option will delight in our wood-burning showroom and our Wood Fireplace Specialists when purchasing a new wood-burning stove.
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Free Standing Wood Stoves


Pellet Stoves are a great alternative to wood or gas stoves. There are numerous benefits achieved by utilizing pellet fuel, including economical and environmental. Pellet fireplaces burn more efficiently and create less ash than wood. They also feature an automatic thermostat to regulate temperature of your room. 
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Free Standing Pellet Stoves
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We carry all of the popular models from today’s leading manufacturers:

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We provide a complete service for all of our customers, helping them from start to finish.

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