Langley Fireplaces

R.E. MacDonald Stoves & Stones carries a wide range of fireplace products with a variety of fuel sources. From gas and wood-burning fireplaces to pellet fireplace and electric fireplace options, we can help you find the perfect fireplace for your new home or renovation.


What better way to light up a room than with a gas fireplace from R.E. MacDonald Stoves & Stones. Today’s gas fireplaces are a popular choice for a number of reasons. Their quick ignition, fast source of heat, diverse range of styles and easy maintenance all combine to make for an easy choice.
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Gas Fireplaces


Nothing can beat the aroma and authenticity of a timeless wood-burning fireplace. Those who prefer this classic option will delight in our separated showroom, entirely devoted to wood-burning fireplaces.
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If you have a townhome, RV, condo, apartment or any room that you want to add the romance of a fire, an electric fireplace may be the way for you to go.  We have a variety of styles that will go with just about any type of setting and, because of the convenience of electricity, they can be located virtually anywhere there is an electrical outlet.
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Electric Fireplaces
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We carry all of the popular models from today’s leading manufacturers:

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We provide a complete service for all of our customers, helping them from start to finish.

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