Wilmington Grill: Built for Years of Performance

The Wilmington Grill Company offers a line of BBQ’s known as the Cape Fear. Their unique look along with their high quality and durability earn them the reputation as one of the best grills on the market. From Cape Fear Traveler (portable) to the large Cape Fear Master, you are offered an extremely versatile cooking surface with a BTU rating of 10-60,000. There are also a number of features that distinguish the Wilmington Grill from others we have reviewed.

Cooking Style:

Wilmington BBQ LangleyThe Wilmington Grills are fitted with an open grill surface making it more adequate to cook an abundance of food. The cast stainless burners offer the consumer the capability of searing, smoking and convection cooking. Because of the grill design and the capability to convection cooking, there is no need for a rear burner and rotisserie system. Convection cooking generates heat and circulated it under the hood making a prime system for cooking roasts, chicken and turkey.

Trays Galore:

Wilmington Grill offers you a number of trays to utilize for different methods of cooking. You have the option of a lava rock frame tray, a smoke tray and a steam tray. The smoker tray allows you to place a whole log on the tray while still having room for the cooking rack. This is great for smoking salmon or flavoring other types of meat. The steamer tray makes it handy for cooking vegetables.

“Built-for-a-Lifetime” Warranty:

Wilmington Barbeque LangleyWith a 7 year free from defects and workmanship warranty, Wilmington Grills offer the capability to cook in a temperature range of 275-600 degrees with no worries of flare up. With the heavy cast stainless burners and the 304 grade stainless cart the consumer will have the confidence that Wilmington Grills will not rust out. As John puts it, “You can pass this grill onto your grandchildren.”

The Wilmington Grills are all about functionality and reliability and this is delivered in the high quality of their construction and performance. Other mentionable accessories are shelves, warming racks and side burners that allow the consumer to round out their ideal grilling environment.

So if you want to see a quality grill, please visit us at our Langley Showroom and take a closer look. To learn more about the Wilmington Grill visit their website or contact us at 604-856-1551 for more information. Choose R.E. MacDonald for your next grill.

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