Twin Eagles: A Beautiful Grilling Experience

Twin Eagles is this week’s spotlight barbeque. One look at a Twin Eagles BBQ and you will see the quality. From the high grade stainless steel with its polished design to the bright blue LED lights, the quality is out in the open for everyone to see. Lift the lid and you will come to appreciate the outstanding grilling features.

Polished Design Accents

When it comes to Twin Eagles, you can judge this BBQ by its lid. Complete with polished, heavy-duty commercial-grade features from top to bottom, these BBQs can really help make your outdoor kitchen look complete. The easy to use control knobs come complete with LED lights to add pleasing aesthetics.

Under The Hood

Taking a look inside you can see an always needed grilling light. This helps to illuminate your cooking area perfectly without struggling to use exterior lighting to get a good look at how your meat is cooking. The light automatically activates when the lid is open and deactivates when closed, making nighttime cooking a breeze. The lid comes complete with a spring-assist mechanism, which reduces the weight of the hood for easy opening and closing.

Twin Eagles grills are complete with a wide range of features including:

BBQ GrateHexagonal Grates – The 3/8″ stainless steel grates are great for retaining heat. The size of the grates help deliver high coverage and contact with food while producing those desired, deep sear marks.

Smoker Box – For those who want to capture more flavour in their food, the smoker box is a great addition. It fits perfectly into the BBQ and holds liquid or woodchips that can add robust flavours to your food.

BBQ Dividers

Zone Dividers A fantastic feature, each burner is controlled independently and contained with dividers. This will help you cook multiple items at once with a wide range of high direct heat and low direct heat – with no need to worry about the heat ranges mixing.

With an even longer list of features to talk about, including soft-closing access doors, a Twin Eagles grill offers you peak performance and a truly unparalleled grilling experience. To get a better look at what the Twin Eagles BBQ offers, check out our video below or come see for yourself at our showroom in Langley. To learn more about Twin Eagles, visit their website or contact us at 604-856-1551 for more information. Choose R.E. MacDonald for your next grill.

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