Regency Fireplace Sale


From now till November 24, save up to $518 on Regency gas & wood fireplaces and stoves. If you were thinking about upgrading your fireplace, there is no time like now! With a new regency fireplace you can: Reduce drafts and increase efficiency in your home Save on your heating bills Turn down your furnace […]

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Debunking Grilling Myths


Everyone wants to be a grilling master. Nothing is better than the praise you get when your friends and family rave about how good your grilling skills are. We all usually start our barbequing journey by following tips that everyone pass around, but are these actually true? Here are a few myths that are passed […]

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Black Olive Grills: The New Standard Of Grilling


This week we are looking at the increasingly popular and unique method of cooking with pellets.  The Black Olive Grill offers a wide range in temperature and flavours to pack as much variety as possible into your next BBQ session. Pellet Grilling If you have been following our blog articles recently you are probably becoming […]

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Barbecue Buying Tips


Back in March we wrote about “What To Look For In A BBQ“. We talked about quality, fuel, size, and warranty, but there is still more to buying a great grill. With all the different models out there, it is important to find the perfect one you’ll be happy with for the long term. In […]

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