What To Look For In A BBQ

Now that spring is here, we’re hoping for some great barbequing weather! When the rain stops, it’ll be time to turn on the grill and throw on a fresh cut of meat. But if your barbeque can’t keep up with your cooking needs, barbecuing won’t be as fun as it sounds. R.E. MacDonald has you covered though, offering a wide selection of barbecues from today’s leading BBQ manufacturers. To start you off in the right direction, here are a few things that you should be looking for when purchasing a BBQ.


When investing in a BBQ, you’ll want to know the quality standards that distinguish each brand. The build quality will help determine cooking performance and longevity. You don’t want to be purchasing a new grill every other year, and unfortunately, many of the grill brands carried by big box stores just don’t stand up to the most standard quality tests. It’s a good idea to check out reviews and read up on a BBQ before purchasing. Make sure it’s got everything your looking for before you dive in. If you need more detail about a grill, our salesmen here know their grills.

Fuel Type

There are many different types of fuel you can run your grill on. First, take note of any fuel source restrictions that come with your specific cooking environment (eg: condo and townhome stratas often have regulations surrounding patio barbecues).  Then be sure to talk to an expert to help narrow down the best one for your cooking style.

  • Charcoal: This fuel source delivers high temperatures and creates a smoky flavor.  Charcoal can take a bit longer to heat up, however it is well worth the wait for the tasty food.
  • Propane: This method offers portability as you can bring your propane tank to BBQs at different locations. Propane also heats up much quicker and can feature favorable options such as side burners or searing burners.
  • Natural Gas: With natural gas, you can connect your BBQ to your home gas line without worrying about running out of fuel. Natural gas BBQs are a bit more expensive and would require a professional to install it correctly.
  • Pellets: Pellets offer quick start up time. You can purchase pellets in a variety of flavours to add some more personality to your cooking experience.


A good rule of thumb is 50 – 60 square inches of space per portion. If you are planning to cook for more people, than you may be looking for a grill as large as 500 square inches. Measure the space you have on your deck or porch so that your new BBQ still gives you room to move around.


If you want the best peace of mind, take into account the manufacturer’s warranty. This includes the processing time and repair issues, something that is not easily available from big box stores. If anything does go wrong, you want to be covered. Even a good BBQ is only as good as the retail outlet that sells it to you.

There are many different features and details that go with purchasing a barbeque. With this list you can start finding the perfect barbeque most suited to your cooking style and tastes. Come visit our showroom in Langley and one of our staff would be happy to help you, we can also assemble and deliver your model if you choose. Contact us at 604-856-1551 for more information.

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