Gas Line BBQ Installation

Have you ever been to a barbecue or hosted a party where the grill ran out of propane? It can be a hassle to haul the tank to the car and find the nearest propane station to have it topped up. Natural gas barbecues are becoming increasingly popular because of conveniences like this. And getting set up with a natural gas BBQ has never been easier.

Benefits of Natural Gas Barbecues

There are many benefits of purchasing a natural gas barbecue or converting your propane grill into natural gas:

  • Convenience – As we said, the main benefit of natural gas is the convenience. Because your grill is connected to your home’s gas line you have an unlimited supply. This removes the need to haul around a heavy propane tank and worry about the fuel level ever again.
  • Cleaner Energy – Natural gas burns cleaner than propane. It creates less exhaust making it much better for the environment and reducing the spread of fumes on the food and in the air.
  • Cost-Effective – The cost of natural gas is also much cheaper than propane. While you will need to pay for installation and conversion to setup for natural gas, you should realize savings in the long run.

Gas Line Installation

The big step is running the gas line to your BBQ. Natural gas is like electricity; dangerous if tampered with, but extremely useful when utilized properly. Once you have setup the location for your barbecue, have an expert come and setup the natural gas line for you. This will require running the line to the location and installing the proper adapters and couplings. It is critical to have a professional complete the install as you may end up with a gas leak and damage to your gas line.

Many manufacturers make natural gas conversion kits for their barbecues making it easy to switch from propane to natural gas.  Converting your BBQ requires a proper conversion kit which may or may not be available for your model.  Be sure to confirm your possibilities.

If you are interested in changing your BBQ to natural gas contact us at 604-856-1551 or visit our BBQ showroom in Langley and talk to our experts. Our licensed professionals can get you hooked up to your natural gas supply and match you up with a conversion kit for your grill.

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