Fireplace, Insert or Free Standing Stove? What do I need?

If you are shopping for a fireplace you can come across many different options. You can get gas, wood, pellet, or even electric fireplaces. The question that comes up for just about everyone, is do I need a fireplace,  insert, or free standing stove? We have compiled some information that might help you make the best decision.


Fireplace are either masonry or zero clearance.

A masonry fireplace is a brick structure, usually built into a home during construction with a brick chimney and these are woodburning.

A zero clearance fireplace is a manufactured metal box fireplace that can be framed into your home during construction or as a later renovation and are gas, wood-burning, or electric.

What is a fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is exactly what it sounds like. It’s meant to be inserted into an existing masonry fireplace or zero clearance fireplace. Alone, it cannot be framed into a home.  Installing a new fireplace insert into an existing fireplace improves  efficiency resulting in cost savings, delivers you the style you want, and adds warmth to your room. Fireplace inserts come in a wide variety of amazing styles as well as gas, wood-burning, electric and pellet.

Freestanding Stoves?

Turn a cold space in your home into a comfort zone that the family will enjoy spending time in.  A free standing stove can be B vented or direct vented. B-Vented units are specific to certain situations, must be exhausted vertically up through the roof, and are not as energy efficient as a direct vented free standing stove.

A Direct Vent can be exhausted vertically or horizontally out through the wall.  It is air tight and brings in its own combustion air resulting in higher efficiency. Freestanding stoves are available in gas, wood, electric and pellet.

Whether you are shopping for an insert, fireplace, or free standing stove, we have a wide variety of styles available in our Langley showroom.  Each type requires professional installation and guidance, so speak to one of our salesman and we can help you get started to adding a fireplace, insert or free standing stove to your home. If you have more questions, call us at 604-856-1551 or visit us online.