Fall Fireplace Maintenance Need To Knows

As Fall nears and the days get shorter, darker, and the weather colder, people begin firing up their gas and wood fireplaces to get comfortable. With all the use that you get out of your fireplaces, it is important to keep them maintained and clean. Here are some things you should know before you start your fireplaces to ensure they run optimally throughout the Fall.

Clean Your Fireplace Each Season

At both the beginning of each heating seaon or at the end of heating season you should clean your gas fireplace. This includes the glass and any debris around the heating chamber.

To clean your glass, ensure that your fireplace is completely cooled down. Refer to your fireplace manual for instructions on glass removal and handling. Ensure you use the proper glass cleaner used for gas or wood. In your manual refer to fireplace glass cleaning instructions. By cleaning your fireplace, you prevent the buildup on the glass and in the fireplace. The longer you wait to clean it, the more difficult it can be to remove the residue.  Remember it is always important to have a qualified service technician check out your gas units at least every two years.

If you have a wood-burning fireplace there are a few more areas of concern as you want to start your first fire off fresh. Three things to remember are a clean stove, clean chimney, and dry seasoned wood will give you the ambience and heat you are wanting.  If you have a wood burning fireplace, remove any old debris and wood ash as these can cause unwanted smoke and smell.

Wood-burning fireplace inspection

At least twice a year you should clean and inspect your wood-burning fireplace and chimney. A certified chimney sweep will advise you of any potential hazards and issues that will require immediate attention. The ideal cleaning for wood units is at the beginning and half way through the season.  Most, if not all, insurance companies require this.

Clean the Fireplace Blower

The fireplace blower is an important component to get the warm air circulating. This piece of equipment should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure that it’s working at maximum capacity and prevent early breakdown. Using your fireplace manual, locate the fireplace blower cleaning instructions.  This will help you locate the fan which you can sweep with a soft bristle brush. Once this has been done you can vacuum away the debris that was swept off.

Your gas and wood burning fireplaces are important when the Fall season hits. Make sure they are properly maintained so they can perform at their best. Neglecting fireplace maintenance can lead to damage and a shorter lifespan.  Schedule your maintenance so you and your family can enjoy the ambience and heat while keeping you safe during the heating season. For more information on maintenance and service, visit our lovely Langley showroom or contact us at 604-856-1551.