What is a Direct Vent Fireplace?

A direct vent system is a great alternative to a traditional gas fireplace. Direct Vent makes it possible to install a fireplace practically anywhere you choose. They don’t need a masonary chimney with an opening from an existing fireplace. Their venting can be installed directly to the outside through a wall or up through the roof. Using several venting configurations; you can install your fireplace virtually anywhere – it doesn’t have to be directly on an outside wall.

Direct Vent Fireplace LangleyDirect vent fireplace models are more efficient and safer for today’s airtight homes and promote healthy indoor air quality.   The fire burns behind the sealed non-operable glass panel. They draw air from the outside of the house directly into the firebox and expel exhaust gases directly outside the home. The sealed glass panel prevents room air from escaping up the chimney, making it more efficient because of no heat loss.

With an abundance of decorating styles, direct vent models can be incorporated into any room and are suitable for a bedroom, living room or basement. The choice is yours. Contact our Langley showroom today for more information.