Debunking Grilling Myths

Everyone wants to be a grilling master. Nothing is better than the praise you get when your friends and family rave about how good your grilling skills are. We all usually start our barbequing journey by following tips that everyone pass around, but are these actually true? Here are a few myths that are passed around that are commonly accepted as truth.

Only Flip Your Meat Once

The goal for every good steak is to have it as juicy as possible, what you might hear is that you should only flip the steak once or else you will lose the juice. The truth is that having one side that is more well cooked will not necessarily hold in the juices better. To make sure your steak is cooked evenly you may have to flip it over multiple times. This doesn’t mean that you flip over your meat constantly, or you will not cook it at all, but you can turn over your meat gently when you need to get even coverage all over the meat. One flip is not the limit, but don’t go overboard!

The Steak Should Be Room Temperature Before Cooking

This is thought to help speed up the process and have you meat brown better because there is less moisture. This is not the case. You can dry off your steak right out of the refrigerator with paper towel to get rid of excess moisture or you can salt it to dry it and help it brown better. Also, some chefs prefer to have it at refrigerated temperature and hit a searing hot grill because they can control the temperature of the meat better. A warm steak will cook much faster and could give you inconsistent results.

Searing Your Meat Locks In The Juices

A common belief is that when you cook your meat over extremely hot temperatures quickly you can develop a crust that can lock in your juice. But this theory is not entirely true. The juices within your meat can still escape out of the charred side as much as the cooler side. Instead, cook your steak slower over medium or high temperature for longer. A crust should start developing when your steak is medium rare. This can vary depending on the size of your steak, but practice makes perfect. Use a thermometer until you are confident with your skills.

Reading tips from experts can definitely improve your culinary skills, but its good to test the advice you are given. Even after you finish your Gordon Ramsey BBQ book you still require practice. Summer is not over yet, so get out there and start grilling! If you are looking for BBQ’s, accessories, or advice, stop by our Langley showroom or give us a call at 604-856-1551 and our BBQ experts would be happy to help you.

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