Black Olive Grills: The New Standard Of Grilling

This week we are looking at the increasingly popular and unique method of cooking with pellets.  The Black Olive Grill offers a wide range in temperature and flavours to pack as much variety as possible into your next BBQ session.

Pellet Grilling

If you have been following our blog articles recently you are probably becoming more familiar with pellet grilling. Pellet grilling offers a more unique taste than gas and with the wide variety of pellet flavours – the combinations are endless. With the black olive grill you can have your temperatures as low as 150° or as high as 650°! This means you have the ability to smoke your food, slow cook, sear a steak or place a stone on the grill and make your own homemade pizza. And with a Black Olive, you simply have your pellets ready, plug in the grill and get started.

Build Quality

The Black Olive is known as a “Kamado” grill, which is Japanese for “stove”. This is a common style of grill, but Black Olive does it in style. The shell is made out of porcelain enameled ceramic. This ceramic is tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, but inside it will hold in the heat and moisture giving you a perfect balance.  Durable bamboo side shelves are also available.

Ease of Use

As we had mentioned, Black Olive pellet grills are electric. With simple controls you are able to get much more accurate temperatures. Simply use the heat dial and choose your desired heat.  Cooking with pellets is more economical and better for the environment – this is a grilling experience you can feel good about.

Succulent chicken, BBQ ribs, pizza, or steak; if your mouth isn’t watering already you need to try a Black Olive grill. If you think it’s time to bring your barbecuing to the next level the Black Olive grill will help you do it with ease. Give us a call at 604-856-1551 or visit our Langley showroom to see our grills up close.

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