BBQ Fuel Options

The wonderful thing about barbecuing is that anyone can do it. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, grilling can be as easy as turning on the BBQ and throwing on the meat. The complexity comes as you start to look deeper into the intricacies of the BBQ and what you can do with it. One common question comes up frequently: “With so many different fuel types out there, but which one is the best?”


Propane is the most common fuel type out there. Propane offers a quick start up time so you can get cooking as soon as possible. And because of the popularity of propane you can transfer the tank from one grill to another easily. This is the basic fuel source that most people will opt for and will use a hot, direct heat to cook the items on the grill. Because of the heat of the gas, it delivers high humidity ideal for fish and chicken.

Natural Gas

Similar to propane in its heat and ignition time, natural gas has slowly increased in popularity. The big difference between natural gas (NG) and propane is accessibility. You can get your NG directly from your home at an endless supply with no worry of running out of fuel in the middle of cooking. This avoids having to run out to grab a new tank of propane before your party starts. The downfall is that you will need a licensed gas contractor to properly hookup a natural gas line to your BBQ location.


Electric BBQs have improved significantly over the years, mainly because of the addition of induction. Electrical grills can heat up faster and regulate the temperature better while offering high efficiency. The bonus of electrical is that you also have an endless supply of fuel for it and every home is ready. Electric barbeques do not get as hot as other types, but can still cook meat to its requirements.

Wood Chip

Wood chips (and BBQ pellets) are much different. For more experienced grillers, wood chips and pellets offer more flavourful experience. The chips and pellets are soaked with different flavours such as hickory, maple, apple (and the list goes on). Chips and pellets take longer to light and heat up, but offer a significant amount of heat. The smoke generated adds flavour to the meat that you just can’t get using a traditional gas fuel.


Charcoal offers a low temperature perfect for ribs to evenly cook and tenderize the meat. Charcoal takes much longer to heat up and can be challenging to keep the heat regulated. Charcoal smokes offers that authentic smoky flavour that the most expert of grillers desire. For those looking to step up their barbequing, charcoal is a new experience with a robust flavour profile.

If you’re looking for help to determine the best fuel source for your next barbecue, visit our BBQ showroom in Langley and talk to our experts. With so many options out there, we can help you determine the best one for your grilling style and match you up with the ideal BBQ. Contact us at 604-856-1551 for more information about our grills and BBQs.

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